Fathers Day Cupcakes- Maple and Bacon?!

Dear old dad. Does he get the shaft when it comes to party decoration? Possibly. In our house, the only "decoration" my husband needs is a game on the big screen TV and he is pretty happy. However, with Father's Day coming, I wanted to find some sweet Fatherly inspiration that wouldn't be too hard and would make Dad feel a little more special than just turning on the TV.

In researching one of my favorite party sites, The Party Dress, I found some inspiration images for a Communion. However, I think these are perfect for Father's Day and for all the little men in your life. I love the tie/bowtie cupcakes. That is an easy edition to add to simple box or even store bought cupcakes and it makes them look really cute and perfect for a Father's Day celebration!

I also love
 it was for a birthday but with a little
 lettering-change-up would be perfect for a grand Father's Day entry!

This same savvy mom has a free printable to make these VERY cute tie cupcakes. Have yall heard of this bacon maple cupcake craze? I am very curious if anyone has tried these because I am a HUGE cupcake fan but just can't imagine eating cake that taste like breakfast. But, I am willing to try anything slathered in icing.

Visit this blog to see the other photos, banner and get the cupcake details and Free Printable, too!

So, these seem pretty easy, right? Just as easy as flipping on the TV?

Let me know if you try any of these and how they turn out!

And of course, if you need a card for Dear Old Dad, visit my Etsy shop or website!

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