Firefighter Birthday Party

What little boy does not dream of being a fireman or policeman? This is such a great party theme for boys of all ages. I love these fireman ideas for food and decorations!!

Come Together Cards Firefighter Birthday Party Invitation

One great idea is to tour the firehouse. Our town let us do this free of charge. If the firefighters are not out fighting a fire, one is there to give the tour. Our kids got to see the fire trucks, the bunk room, and the pole they slide down. This was super cool! My friend had an adorable idea for fireman cupcakes on a budget- she made chocolate cupcakes (dirt), green icing (grass) and put orange and red tissue paper on toothpick and put this on top of the cupcake so it looks like a grass fire. SO cute, and just the cost of a box of cupcakes and tissue paper!!

This is a beautiful party by the Party Dress.  The little boy was turning 3, so they named it a "Three Alarm
Fire". Very cute. Check out these amazing details.

 I love the use of sunflowers on the table and the Vintage red car. What a cool detail!

This party also has some adorable details!


And, um, am I the only one thinking that the cute firemen don't hurt either? Did I just say that out loud?

When the kids came into the house, they followed the Dalmatian "paw prints' to their first activity.  Cute, thematic, and starts the party with order to crazy kids! :)

Visit the Source for more details on how they planned this fun Fire truck birthday party.

For any Firefighter Birthday Party  Invitations, check out mine shown here and available on Etsy.

Join me next Tuesday for the next party!

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