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Leap Year Explained

What is Leap Year?

Am  I the only one that forgot most of what I learned in school? I am sure its some facts are somewhere rattling around there, but I like to cover them up with episodes of Parenthood and current issues of Real Simple. (Speaking of last week's Parenthood- what a doozy!! Was there a dry eye in the house!?? AHHH!)

So, when I decided to do a Leap Year Giveaway on my Facebook page, I wanted to put a graphic with it. It was then I realized I have NO idea what Leap Year is. Like, none.

Do I include a cheesy picture of someone "leaping"?
Uh, no.

Then how about some frogs?

Wrong again.

I could alwasy go with a nice office calendar showing Leap Day?
No thanks.

How about the movie poster of the movie called Leap Year?

Not that either.

Finally, I found this VERY helpful infographic that explains all you ever (and maybe never) wanted to know about Leap Year!

cheapsally.com via Huffington Post

Finally. We are smart again. It has something to do with the moon, sun and calendar.  
Back to tv and magazines!

Wanna hear more about the giveaway? Its now through Leap DAY!


Dear Pinterest, my birthday is soon...

I am thinking about changing my life categories to BP (before Pinterest) and AP (After Pinterest).

I am the kind of dorky person that gets excited about my birthday several weeks/months before its on the radar. To be fair, I do this for other people's birthdays too. For instance, this year my husband turns forty-are-you-serious!** and the minute that 2012 came I started planning his birthday party. Oh yeah, baby. I can't wait.

So, I think it is pretty reasonable that my birthday is in early March, and next week is early March, so I am thinking about my birthday.

Before Pinterest (BP), I always had to think of things I might want. Not that it was that hard, but now, things are at my mere fingertips!  I have a bevy of pins and boards that are calling my name. For instance....

I heart this rug....

Its so bold and I am a lover of bold patterns!!

Speaking of bold patterns, this would look great in my bedroom...

And I love this overstated frame!

I love being Southern and love being a Texan, yall!! :) So I can "wear" it on the inside and OUT!

What?! Why do I not have this magazine yet???

Does anyone subscribe to this? Do you like it?

So, that is my list. And yes, it has been emailed to my husband. :)

** I married someone a bit older than me. So, if you cannot read the very tiny print (you might be over forty!) my husband is turning 40 this year. I am NOT saying that is old- I have dear friends older that act half that age! But, it is quite strange for me, a young, vibrant maverick, to be in the family with someone so over the hill.

***Obviously, I am kidding....I don't have any friends over 40. :)

Wanna see my boards? You see this stuff there and other things I want. :)


Food cute enough to bring to your Super Bowl Party

Would you judge me if I said I didn't know who was playing in the Superbowl? And that I think it is boring to watch a program JUST to watch the commericals I usually skip through anyway? It hard to get excited about a commercial, but I know that's just me. But, there is one thing I DO enjoy during Superbowl Sunday, and that is the FOOD! And if it has a football/sports theme, even BETTER!
I have compiled some adorable-and yummy- ideas for what to bring to your Superbowl party. Dips, sweets- and just so we all don't feel guilty, the cutest fruit display I've ever seen! Which is your favorite?

Follow the links to find out more about the recipe and how to make it! Then, invite me over to sample it. I need to make sure its good before you serve it to your friends, right?!

1 http://maddycakesmuse.blogspot.com/2011/02/snackadium.html
2 betterrecipes.com/
3 unknown source, found via pinmarklet
4 bakedwithloveandbutter.blogspot.com/
5 http://www.fayeclack.com/watermelon/index.html
 via alittletipsy.com/
6 http://www.pillsbury.com/
7 tasteofhome.com/
8 karaspartyideas.blogspot.com

9 http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/football-cookies/11251e90-4202-40a2-b747-ef68ddd803ed/


Personalized Family Contact Card & Personalized Valentines

Theresa found Come Together Cards on Etsy and contacted me about needing a new buisness/family card with contact information because they were moving.
She wanted me to draw her family. They are an outdoorsy bunch, so we put them in green and khaki!
Here is the finished product...with all the contact information deleted, of course! 

This is the OTHER fun I have been working on- Valentine Cards!


Merry Christmas!

I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas.
May tonight find you thankful for God's provision and spending time with someone you love.
Merry Christmas from Come Together Cards!

christmas tree


What to do with that stack of Christmas cards

I love getting Christmas cards. I mean, I L-O-V-E getting Christmas cards. Obviously, I am a lover of paper, so to see my favorite families all on cute paper in my mailbox- it is a special kind of joy.

I never know what to do with the cards after I get them. I feel bad throwing them away, so I didn't for years, then had a drawer overflowing with cards that I could not close.

So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I thought it was worth sharing!

Take a picture of Christmas cards you get to use as contact pics.

Thanks, Pinterest. Another reason that you are my addiction.
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Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!! xoxox


What Jingle Bells might look like as a visual...

How great is this?! A breakdown of Jingle Bells in visual form...

I am laughing all the way.


December recap and son's letter to Santa

Is anyone else freaking out that it is the WEEK of Christmas!?! Man, I am. I am not freaking out because I am not ready (um, I don't have one present wrapped! Yikes!) but more because it has gone so fast! Maybe I should be freaking out that I haven't wrapped anything. Maybe I just should start wrapping and stop watching so many Christmas movies. (Love Actually, anyone? Elf? My Tivo is on overload!)
I have been up to a lot since we last talked...

I got a haircut....

Celebrated my husband's birthday...

And, oh yes, worked on some Christmas cards and Christmas orders....

Personalized Christmas gifts...

And maybe the most fun thing I have been doing...getting my five year old ready for Santa's visit!
Here is his letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,
I was  a little bit scared about the Elf. (On the shelf- it freaked him out). I will get cookies whenever you come bring me toys. I would like a scooter and also a polar express train.
Then he wrote "Thanks" and drew a picture of him and Santa.
So sweet!!

I hope whatever you have been doing this December, it has been a wonderful time with family and friends. I better go start my next Christmas movie. :)
Merry Christmas!


My *other* favorite Halloween costumes

I wish I was this cute. Not just the costumes, but its obvious these people are cute, together, and have a cute life. They probably are always on time, sew their kids costumes, and make brownies from scratch for their bible study class. I am not this family. But I wish I was. I wish I was that bread, that bacon, and that lettuce and tomato. This is the cutest darn sandwich I have ever seen.

 This is a good older boy costume and looks pretty easy. I am all about easy. What might NOT be easy is walking around with a circular box on your head.

How's this for easy and SO creative?

How's this for so creative and not easy?

Change this to a Sonic drink, and I am all over this. I love the straw "hat"!

Love this cute naked baby, but it would get cold to trick-or-treat in that! I guess you can wear a skin colored warm-up suit if they make those in Sumo Baby sizes?

GREAT take on the ever-so-loved superhero costume.
*My son could be Spiderman every year and be happy.

photo sources
I already posted this photo but its just so beautiful I wanted to talk about it again. So, there, I did.

Halloween is such a fun time of year! What are you/your kiddos dressing up as?