My *other* favorite Halloween costumes

I wish I was this cute. Not just the costumes, but its obvious these people are cute, together, and have a cute life. They probably are always on time, sew their kids costumes, and make brownies from scratch for their bible study class. I am not this family. But I wish I was. I wish I was that bread, that bacon, and that lettuce and tomato. This is the cutest darn sandwich I have ever seen.

 This is a good older boy costume and looks pretty easy. I am all about easy. What might NOT be easy is walking around with a circular box on your head.

How's this for easy and SO creative?

How's this for so creative and not easy?

Change this to a Sonic drink, and I am all over this. I love the straw "hat"!

Love this cute naked baby, but it would get cold to trick-or-treat in that! I guess you can wear a skin colored warm-up suit if they make those in Sumo Baby sizes?

GREAT take on the ever-so-loved superhero costume.
*My son could be Spiderman every year and be happy.

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I already posted this photo but its just so beautiful I wanted to talk about it again. So, there, I did.

Halloween is such a fun time of year! What are you/your kiddos dressing up as?


Tini Posh said...

Ha! You literally had me laughing out loud with your wish to be that family! I am not that family either..LOL!

Love all the costumes! My lil guy is going to be a black Angry Bird and my lil doll is going to be Bat Girl : )

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

HA! totally. They are too perfect for words, and I am SO not!!!
I hope you had a great one too!