Best Halloween Costume Ever?

Just like I have a love for food that looks like other food, I have a great appreciation for great Halloween costumes.
And no, I don't mean the skanky, half dressed women that use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a street walker. I am talking about bonafide, creative, hard work involved costumes.
People are soooo clever and come up with the best ideas!

I saw this photo on Twitter in the Spring and saved it all for months.
This is one of the best recreations of a movie character that I have ever seen!!

If you are not familiar, this are the characters from Ferris Bullers Day Off.
I think they look like dead ringers!!

The "Jeanne" character is the blogger at http://www.the600sqfthome.com/, so go say hi!

If I was dressing up this year, I think I would go as Prince William and Kate Middleton. I think it would be so cute, and pretty easy.

We are just going trick-or-treating with our little Luke Skywalker, so I don't think dressing up is going to happen this year. Plus, I don't want to get out my wedding dress. :)

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