December recap and son's letter to Santa

Is anyone else freaking out that it is the WEEK of Christmas!?! Man, I am. I am not freaking out because I am not ready (um, I don't have one present wrapped! Yikes!) but more because it has gone so fast! Maybe I should be freaking out that I haven't wrapped anything. Maybe I just should start wrapping and stop watching so many Christmas movies. (Love Actually, anyone? Elf? My Tivo is on overload!)
I have been up to a lot since we last talked...

I got a haircut....

Celebrated my husband's birthday...

And, oh yes, worked on some Christmas cards and Christmas orders....

Personalized Christmas gifts...

And maybe the most fun thing I have been doing...getting my five year old ready for Santa's visit!
Here is his letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,
I was  a little bit scared about the Elf. (On the shelf- it freaked him out). I will get cookies whenever you come bring me toys. I would like a scooter and also a polar express train.
Then he wrote "Thanks" and drew a picture of him and Santa.
So sweet!!

I hope whatever you have been doing this December, it has been a wonderful time with family and friends. I better go start my next Christmas movie. :)
Merry Christmas!

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