Swim Luau Birthday Party: Best of the Web

Its those hot summer months, and if your kids are like most kids, any time is a great time for getting in the pool!  Swim parties are ideal because they have an easy, beloved activity built in- swimming. Most kids stay in the water long after they get pruney fingers so the happy-omoter is already sky high just starting out with a swimming party.

There are several really cute takes on the swimming theme. Of course, swimming is a theme in itself, but why not jazz it up with a hula, luau, or tropical theme?

*I have done some tropical Christmas cards and think they are soooo super fun and creative. Wanna see? Let's follow this rabbit trail for a moment... here are a couple of variations on the same tropical design...

Okay, back to swimming parties!!
Mermaid pool party
Finding Nemo would be cute for a little one (You could give away goldfish as a favor!! Kids would love you! Moms would hate you!)
Or a girl party would be sweet with Little Mermaid. But more on that later...

We recently hosted a cookout swimming luau and needed to decorate on a budget. The Dollar Tree had some great options for some really cute summery decor- all for a dollar, of course.

We filled a large galvanized bucket full of ice and soda, then stuck a couple of kitchy plastic flamingos and a palm tree in the middle of them. The ice bucket was adored with a straw Hawaiian skirt which we tied around the top. Two tiki torches held a flag bunting banner which we hung paper lanterns off.

Most people ate outside, so we wanted to keep the table decorations minimal so people would have room to spread out. A fishnet was the base and paper pineapples and palm trees were put on top. Fake flower leis were strewn over the table to give a dash of color.

I think paper umbrellas make everything more fun to eat, so we stuck them in anything that would hold them! These are fruit kabobs with watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries and paper umbrellas.

 We had a ice cream buffet, so we made ice cream place cards for the different toppings. Labels make everything look a little festive, right?

So fun! Now onto the Mermaid Pool Party theme. This adorable idea is only for the seamstress- but its way too cute to not include in this collection of adorable party ideas. This party mom made MERMAID TAILS for each of the party goers-in her case, seventeen girls!

They all look so adorable with their “tails” on, and I love how she also used them in her decor for chair covers.

Wow. All I can say is wow. And I wish I could sew. Sadly, everything I “sew” is with staples and duct tape. I hope Mermaid Mom does not disapprove. Please accept me as I am, O Seamstress Extraordinaire!

Here are some other great additions to the Pool Party....
I looooove this Surf Cake

A Soda Bar would be very refreshing!

And how amazing is this Sandcastle cake!?!

Sandcastle cake-
via http://karaspartyideas.blogspot.com/

I love any sugar cookies, but some that are so adorable!? Even better!

This surf themed party is very creative....

Visit the blog for more ideas on this Surf party

Here are some Swimming Party invitations that I have had the pleasure of being a part of...

And the thank you notes that matched another swimming party invitation for a first birthday party...

 I truly love these adorable Surf/Pool Party ideas! The bright colors, creative sugary treats, and refreshing local makes this a party I want to attend! How about you? Any ideas that you will be using?

Check back soon for the next creative party post!

*In my Best of the Web kids Birthday Party Series, I have complied some of my favorite ideas from around the Internet. I have done my best to link back correctly to every idea so proper credit may be given. If I have missed anything or if you see something that should have your name on it instead of someone else’s, please let me know so I may refer people to the correct place. Thanks!


Scavenger Hunt said...

hi I wanted to make a special party for my baby but thanks you here i got good idea..i like your birthday party theme selection..wonderful..

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

I'm so glad it was helpful! I love to hear that. Thanks for the feedback!

Tini Posh said...

Thank you so much for including the Surfs Up Party! Love all the ideas..summer parties are so much fun!


Carrie said...

OH I am SO SO flattered! Head over and check out the mermaid costume I made for my 4 year old this year for Halloween! She LOVED feeling like a "real life" mermaid. Can you tell my girls are a little Mermaid OBSESSED...and I must oblige.