Fourth of July Celebration Ideas and Watermelon cupcakes

With all the party searching I have been doing, I am seeing parties in my sleep. So it seems like a no-brainer than my post for the 4th of July will be great ideas for a Independence Day party.

An adorable flag garland would be a great decoration out on the porch while you eat.

I like this take on party favors, or even a way to wrap up something to eat for the party. They are mini pies, wrapped in twine. I love that they are store bought and easy, but look really cute. She also filled up mini jars with blue gumballs.
I love this choice of "all American" food- corn, hamburgers, peanuts, pie, and watermelon!


While this is not exactly Fourth of July, I think Watermelon screams summer.

 So when I came across this collage of adorable Watermelon ideas, I thought it would also be fitting for a July 4th party. I think my favorite part of the whole collage is the Watermelon cupcakes.

At the risk of being pro-cupcake all the time (which I am!) I think these are just so creative. The “seeds” are mini chocolate chips and they are topped with green icing. Just so cute. And I am sure they are just as refreshing and healthy as slices of watermelon, as well. That is what I will tell myself when I am making them and licking the bowl of batter clean.

I will not tell myself what I was told about watermelons as a child, and that is that if you eat a Watermelon seed then one will grow in your stomach. I believed that as long *as I believed that if you made a funny face and someone hit your back, it would be stuck that way.
*last year

I like this vintage fourth card because it looks like he is dancing a lil freedom jig. As well he should. We all should!
Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!

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