Wedding trends I love


So, why, oh why, do I love to look at wedding blogs?

Its certainly not because I am planning my next wedding in my head. Although, I do secretly think it would be hilarious to start introducing my husband to strangers as "my first husband, Joel". And it would also be very cruel and very UNfunny to him, not to mention not AT ALL true, so no, I am hitched and here to stay. No more weddings for me, unless it is a renewal of our vows in Maui and I can get a vacation out of it.

But I DO love to look at all the great creative ideas brides-to-be are coming up with these days.

For instance, photo booths and photo walls. Genius. 

Creative wedding photo wall via

How did they get that baby to look the right way?!?
And I saw these and thought they were beautiful.

Hand illustrated maps to include in the invitations. Wow.

I can barely draw a map to my house with the major highways, and look at this amazing detail!!!

The last one is my favorite- I love the little magnifying glass that shows the detail of the location. Beautiful!

This artist sells these on Etsy for each wedding and customizes the map to fit the exact detail of the wedding.

While I was in the wedding mood, I happened upon these adorable personalized favors matchboxes! So cute. The bride is a calligrapher and that is her amazing handwriting on the boxes. She provides a great tutorial on how to do this yourself on Style Me Pretty

And could these illustrated wedding invitations and fans be any cuter from Rifle Paper Co?!? I just want to chuckle when I see that adorable bride and groom. But then again, I am kinda a paper dork.

Here is a post with Come Together Cards Wedding Invitations custom designed for a client....

If you are a bride, consider yourself lucky! I mean, I know you do because brides are glowing. Or is that pregnant people? Probably both, and you should be because there are so many cute, creative things you can use to make your day unforgettable. And then you can put it on your blog and I will stalk it with my first husband.

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