My quest for a new calendar

When I was a kid, we used to get calendars from Santa Claus. Now, Santa Claus doesn't visit this grown up, and if he did, he knows that calendars are half off after Christmas, so the fun of opening one under the tree gives way to the fun of saving 50%.
I recently started my search for a great wall calendar. The criteria:
  • A monthly view so I can organize the family's activities at a glance
  • Attractive
  • Somewhat entertaining
Not a lot to ask. I started out looking for a calendar from one of my favorite stationery companies- MikWright. You have probably seen these cards around and they are so stinking funny. They use old family photos with hilarious quips inside.
For instance,

yet another satisfied customer from connie's cut and curl;
where they say... "if your hair isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to us."

Or this one:

"She ain't heavy, she's my sister."

I had a calendar from MikWright and loved it, however, when I looked for a 2010 one, they were nowhere to be found. Meaning, not in the Borders I was in.
Here's a 2009 one so you know how cute they are.

So, no MikWright for me this year.

I moved onto Nuns.

 I took this to a calendar party once and it was a hit!

But, then I found the Crown Jewel.

This year, the calendar I purchased is based on one of my favorite blogs. I don't frequent it as much as I would like, but every time I do, I laugh out loud. I am not talking about a little "LOL" people, but a true out loud laugh, and sometimes even tears are involved. In fact, I wrote about it way back when in 2009...

Have you seen this site? Hi-larious. And now I have the calendar to boot!
I will let you know if my laughter translates to organization.


Aimee Bartis said...

I sooooo heart Cake Wrecks! I check it every morning right after I check email. I'm wondering if the calendar has new cakes or previously posted cakes....
I'm such a calendar geek, I make my own so it's exactly what I need.

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

That is so good to know a fellow Cake Wreck lover! I love that you check it everyday!! You really are a fan!!
It has a monthly page and then a page for every week in the month, so it ends up being a lot of cakes! Its fun...
Wow- you are a calendar geek. :)