Today reminds me of what classic movie?

And when I say classic, think more "Pretty Woman" than "Casablanca". :)

I am having a great time posting my favorite movies to the blog, and since its New Year's Day, this one is a must.  This is maybe my favorite movie ever, which is hard to say, but in the top 3 for sure...if you are counting. :)

This is such a great scene. What other love scene ends with the words "I hate you" before they kiss? I love the list of idiosyncrasies  that he names about her when he is telling her he loves her. I love what he says about "Auld Lang Syne"- he's right- what the heck DOES it mean??  And of course, I LOVE Meg Ryan's poofy permy 90's hair.  Greatness all around.

This is a good watch this time of year, and perfect for this weekend! Enjoy!