The kind of laughing where tears are rolling down your face

That is what I experience when I read this blog: Cake Wrecks. This is a place where the worst professional cakes are shown. The cakes are horrible, that's for sure. But the funniest part is the girl who writes it- she is downright hysterical. My son is asleep and I am trying to keep my laughter down, but I am guffawing and crying b/c I am laughing so hard at her comments. Its just so funny.

This first one makes me laugh every time I think of it. Can you imagine the conversation that followed this?

These are to be filed in the Oh, this is just so weird its sad...

She says, "Congratulations, Evan God! The mini corncobs heart U!"

Do you have to have a certain skill, like spelling or understanding, to work at a bakery? Um, nope.

I am sharing some of the best of the worst cakes here, but to see the whole scoop, check out her blog!

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Summer said...

Oh MY! Seriously?! I have to wonder what those people are honestly thinking.....

I mean..come on now.....Really? LOL