Fall Decor at My House

I love to see how people decorate for holidays, so I thought you might want to see what I do. I don't go ALL OUT for fall (like I do for Christmas, ahem.) but I do like to add some details here and there to celebrate the season!

Sometimes I get a weird combination of Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I just like to combine it all in the name of Harvest. I think that covers everything. I don't go really oogie Halloween, but I do like pumpkins and such. Again, Harvest. :)

Let's take a look around...

These first couple pictures show that it just takes little touches to make something festive. Here is a shabby pumpkin sitting on the leather ottoman in front of our couch. Its keeping my Real Simple warm until I get back to it!

This is the fireplace with a scarecrow garland hung across it, and a sassy pumpkin hanging from the fireplace screen. I also have a cute iron pumpkin candle sitting on the ledge...you might have to squint your eyes to see that one!

Its kinda hard to see so here is a closeup of the sassy pumpkin. I bought it after Halloween a couple of years ago for 1/2 off- gotta love scoring a deal!

Fall comes to the Bathroom...

There is not much to do in a small room like a bathroom, so I just put little touches around to incorporate the holiday decorating through the whole house. Here's a little Scarecrow on the vanity.

An adorable fall soap helps make the countertop cute! I also put a stuffed pumpkin on top of the toliet, but I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of my toliet!

So, those are a couple of the rooms that holiday decoration has touched. Come back tomorrow to see the rest!


vanessa said...

"fall comes to the bathroom" made me giggle. love the HARVEST decor! ;)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

HAAAA! That is funny, when you say it like that! :)