Fall Decor, Part 2

Welcome back! Its great to see you again!

This is the front door wreath we normally use. It has all kinds of beautiful dried flowers, twigs, pomegranates, and other interesting items. I just put a little Autumn Welcome sign to make it transition into Fall!

The Formal Dining has Scarecrows on both sides of the buffet...

Also in the Formal Dining. Fall foliage, berries and pumpkins make for a festive centerpiece. And since we never eat in there, we never have to move it. Bonus.

A pumpkin tree I love....

I like this because it looks so vintage. It could also look creepy, but I like to see it as half full!

There are other assorted pumpkins, jack 'o lanterns, and scarecrows, but I chose to show you some of the decorations that were not the norm.
Hopefully this tour of my house got your creative juices flowing for your holiday decorating!
Happy Halloween!

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