Best of the Web Birthday Party- Cars & Construction

I am always impressed once I start looking for ideas and see the creativity of people. Did we ever have cute parties before people started posting them online? Where did we find our ideas? What? People actually thought of them in their brain? I have heard of no such thing.

Last post was an adorable take for an Airplane Party.  Boys of all ages love transportation, so this time we are exploring great party ideas for other modes of travel. There are a lot of great ideas out there- so get ready and on your mark, get set, go!

First lets examine the oh-so-creative Construction or Dump Truck Party.

This party won most creative in a British Party blog! I love the sugar cookie tools.

For a construction party, of course, you have to start with- what else- a Dirt Cake. This mom had some great ideas for how to display the cake...

 Dirt cake, housed in the back of a (clean - and I also lined it with wax paper for easier clean up) toy dump truck and served with a toy shovel. The cake is simply chunks of chocolate cake layered with chocolate pudding and topped with crumbled Oreos. I also added some gummi worms, which were a bit hit with the kids. I think the original "recipe" came from Familyfun.com
For more details, visit her here: Dump Truck

Do it Yourself Signage
In her words: Inside, I whipped up some signs using scrapbook paper, markers, my computer, and stamps. The truck and loader are clipart I found using google and used it as a pattern for the silhouettes.

I love the trash bag tablecloth (can you say easy cleanup?!) decorated with white running stripes made to look like a street. 

These signs are cute and sound to be pretty easy! You can even customize them to include the birthday boy's name.

Car party

Game ideas:

This is a construction game that could be used for a car or truck party as well. Just set out some large containers, fill with sand, and host a DIG.


And how cute is this Construction Cone Party Cup?

Drink Table
I would have never thought of this. And if I did, I am not sure I would have the guts to pull it off. These drinks are in gasoline cans!!!! Wow. Just the whole look of it gives me the heebie-jeebies, but what an adorable idea! And, obviously, if you buy the gas cans new and wash them out, it is just another container.

Gas can drinks found here

I love this party idea-- especially if your child is a big fan of Lightning McQueen, Mater and the other characters from Cars and Cars 2. This is a creative and unique way to decorate a character party without it looking so cookie cutter and commercial.

This is a great take on a Cars Birthday party, and this one has a Vintage Feel...

These "spare tire" cakes are just too cool.
And chocolate donuts as spare tires? Yes, please.

This Cars Birthday party follows more of a traditional racing motif, with black and white checkered flags and bold accents of red.

Vintage and Racing Car Party

I love this idea! How adorable to make a race track with cupcakes! I love that all the cupcakes, when combined,  make something together.

Via The Celebration Shoppe  by Rateuk

Hopefully these ideas get your motor runnin' for your next Cars or Construction Birthday Party!


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