My favorite Garage Sale bargain...

This post is about one of my favorite things- bargain hunting!  I love going to garage sales, where I can get the best, sometimes unused stuff for a great price. After all, as they say, "one person's trash is another person's treasure" and my house is filled with non-trashy treasures!

One of my favorite ones is this piece, mostly because is has such a fascinating story!!
This is an antique card catalog that has a date in it from the late 1800's. I asked the guy where he got it (I love to know the stories behind the things at garage sales!) and he said he couldn't tell me. Uh, okay? When I pressed him he said that it was in a drug dealers house-- his policeman friend brought it out in a raid and he bought it at the auction afterwards. Wow. I totally thought he was kidding at first!! I guess it's a long way from an old library to a crack house! Anyway, I got it for $20-- what a steal!!
What is your favorite thing you have gotten second-hand?

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