Inspiration: Super Hero Party

My son was set to have a Superhero Party to celebrate his 4 year birthday. Specifically, a Spiderman party. So, I  set out to find some creative ideas and inspiration.

I thought these ideas were really cute...

Love these ideas from Birthday Girl Blog

I love this Superhero look with unique colors...
This person used only yellow, black and white.

I got some other ideas at the Heros and Villians Party

 I have created two options for a Superhero Party Invitation (via Come Together Cards)

These can be done with a photo or without a photo and with any custom details. They are designed to look like they came from a comic strip.
They come as 5x7 cardstock printed with envelopes.
(Email me for details or questions.)
So...drumroll please...

Here is the finished party!

This was truly so fun. My son had a great time and I think his friends loved it too! I cannot take any credit for these amazing ideas- I found so many cute ideas from other moms. There are truly great, creative moms out there! So adorable and fun!

From the top left:

  1. The Superheros receive their certificate and medals for graduation from "Spidey School 
  2. The Superheros make their Superhero mask with markers, stickers and glitter
  3. Kids wore their favorite costumes 
  4. The decorations for the party, laced with Spiderman dolls and products I found at garage sales
  5. A Spiderman vintage poster I used for color inspiration 
  6. The Spidey-web game where we caught the bad guys with Silly String and balloons. The villains faces were taped onto balloons 
  7. Cupcakes 
  8. The birthday boy with the Skyscraper Spiderman cake 
  9. The Spidey test of strength. Styrofoam balls painted black and a dalrod made a perfect dumbbell. We took photos of all the kids with their dumbbell and sent their photo in the thank you card.
  10. Close up of the Skyscraper birthday cake 
  11. The juice was covered with labels designating them as "One Two Punch". The soda had labels saying that they were "Genetic Mutation Serum" and the hot dogs were "Doc Oct Hot Dogs". We even made chips, salsa and queso and gave them superhero food names. Each food had a label designating what it was.
Have you had a Superhero Party? Did you use any great ideas?


Balloons said...

Thank you giving this information. Best of luck for the future.

Lori said...

Too cute! I adore the inspiration from the internet for party ideas.

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Gosh, no kidding. I was so inspired after seeing those moms who just ROCK the party planning. I need a mom like that in my life :)