Adorable Valentine Ideas

Allow me to share some of the cutest Valentine food and projects!
This is one of the most creative, cute ideas!
It makes me think of those candy necklaces I used to wear when I was a kid. Remember how messy they used to get? It was like wearing a string of slobber around your neck. Gross. But kids love them!!
But these are not like that. :) Way cuter.

These are GUMBALLS!!!

Valentine Pizza
She says:
Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home for your kids (or your sweetie). Add some heart shaped pepperonis to a store bought or homemade pizza. It’s so easy. Just buy sliced pepperoni, cut heart shapes out with a small cookie cutter, and add to the pizza before cooking. This is would be a sweet addition to any Valentine’s Party as well.


How cute is this adorable cake? I am pretty sure I am not talented enough to make it, but I love it!!
So cute!!!

I love them all!

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