My favorite father's day picture...

Isn't it the truth that Moms are never in pictures? I am not sure about your family, but this is the case in mine. If you look at old pictures of our vacations, my mom is no where to be found. Why? Because she is behind the camera, of course! And now that I am grown, this is the case in my family, too! In my family, moms are the documented.
It is not necessarily a bad thing. Anytime we are having a moment, I run to get my camera. This might mean I am not in the photos, but it also means that I capture some sweet moments  between father and son.
Last Father's Day while I was looking through my photos to make a card, I realized I could make a whole book of the pictures I had taken of my two favorite boys. So I made a college!
I love some many of these sweet photos, and one of them is one of my very favorite photos. When my son was 18 months, I couldn't find my husband. I heard some noise coming from my son's room, and when I went in there and looked in the crib, this is what I found.

My husband wanted to be close to my son so he crawled in the crib with him! It wasn't an easy feat- those cribs are really HIGH off the ground!
It was such a sweet moment, so of course, I ran to get my camera!

I hope everyone is able to capture some sweet moments today- whether you are married to a dad or have a dad or want to be a dad- Happy Father's Day!

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