What I see out the window {in pictures}

looks a little something like this...

It is basically like staring at the cover of a LL Bean Winter Catalog!

The weather in Colorado has been nice, until today, when we got hit with a snow that has lasted all day. That's great if you want to be snowed in, but considering that we have a plane to catch tomorrow, I am ready for the streets to clear off!

I will never forget today's sight of my husband in his parent's driveway, looking more like the little kid in a Christmas story than the jeans-wearing-guy from the warm Lone Star State. He was in the wind and snow using the snow blower to clear the driveway, which he of course thought was very cool! There is a something about a snow blower that feels very manly, I am sure. I wouldn't know...I promptly went back into the house with the roaring fire!!

Wish us luck as we travel tomorrow! Its been a great getaway and I am ready to get back to real life! I am way too attached to my to-do list to be gone from home too long-- is that dysfunctional or what?!?


Summer said...

Some friends and I flew into Denver on the 31st! Everyone was telling us how we were sooo lucky we didn't fly in one day earlier... :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

No kidding! It was CRAZY! I bet Denver was fun!