2010...how to say it? what to expect?

I am thrilled to start a new year!

I had a great 2009, don't get me wrong, but I watched friends and family going through some difficult times. My hope for 2010 is that those situations will come to a fruitful solution.

In the meantime, there is ONE BIG THING I have been looking forward to for months, and it happens this year! Call me a NERD, but I am counting the days to February 2. When I really think about it, I almost can't stand the anticipation!

One thing about this year that confuses me, though, is the actual date.


Do you call it Twenty-ten, or do you say Two thousand and ten. I don't profess to be good at math, but the fact that twenty and two thousand are interchangeable REALLY confuses me. For instance, I don't teach my son to count and say, 17-18-19-2000. Is it like a nickname for 2oo0? Twenty-ten sounds like we are space cadets, like we live in the time of robots and fem bots and flying cars. But, I guess, we do...it really is 2010. Maybe I will just call it the "New Year" all year.

Happy New Year, however you say it!


I have some fun new ideas planned for this upcoming year for the CoMe ToGeThEr CaRdS BlOg!
It is my hope to keep this fresh and fun, and a great cyber place to visit when you need some inspiration.

In that hope, I am introducing a FIRST OF THE MONTH CELEBRATION!
In college, I had a friend that was like me, and was looking for any excuse--however small-- to celebrate. We introduced a first of the month celebration and every 1st we had to do something to celebrate that month. In blog terms, I thought it would be fun to introduce creative gift ideas to celebrate that month. Christmas is over, but giving is not, as most of us are buying birthday, shower, and other gifts all year long! Hopefully, Come Together Cards is a creative and unique stationery stop for gift ideas, and I have compiled some other great options for one of a kind gift ideas! So, join me on the 1st of every month to join in this gift idea celebration!

Guests Posts:
I know there are readers out there with something interesting to share, a great giveaway to promote their business, or just a fun idea! I would love to open up the blog to you! I think every one of us has something great to bring to the table, and as much as I am sure you LOVE to hear me, I would love to hear from you! I love to hear new ideas and traditions- so please join me if you have anything to add to this bloggy conversation!

Party Pictures:
One of the most fun parts of working on invitations is getting to be a small part of a big celebration. No matter what the occasion, I love to hear stories about how the parties turned out that I was privileged to design an invitation for. I would love to share photos and ideas from a great party you had. The size doesn't matter-- if you have an idea that you think other moms/party planners could benefit from, please allow me to share it with our blog friends!

Join me for other fun new initiatives as the Come Together Cards Blog welcomes 2010 with a BANG!