Wedding Anniversary

Nine years ago today...

Then, in 2006....

Isn't it amazing how a family is grown? It all started for me 9 years ago today, and what a wonderful ride it has been! Yes, topsy turvey at times, but I wouldn't trade it. I am so thankful for a precious husband and adorable son.

We plan on celebrating our wedding anniversary tonight with our son with smores and a living room camp out (Um, the only kind I like!? Bug less, air-conditioned, and my bed 10 feet away)
Then we will have our real celebration as a couple this weekend. And you know what that means...I will be eating really good! Love me some good anniversary dinner!
Also, I am working on posting some new cards. I have a ton of new ideas in my head!! This has been a busy time of year, with back to school, so I haven't gotten to blog quite as much as I would hope. I am not sure when it will let up, but I can't wait to share my new ideas with you!