Cool Junk

These are some adorable crafty ideas to bring some rockstar hardware into your office space!

I think the cheese grater-turned-pencil-holder is super creative and unique! I love things made from found objects!

The {HOW-TO}

1. CRIB NOTES Turn a discarded crib spring into a hardworking office organizer.

HOW TO Cut two sides of the spring with a metal saw to desired size (we matched the proportion of the table below). Next, screw the original top and bottom of the spring to 1×2s (cut to fit.) Drill two holes in each 1×2 and screw in eye-hooks (we added a washer between the wood and hook, but it’s purely decorative). Wrap the loose wires around the hooks until tight. Clip the excess spring with a wire cutter.

2.A GRATE IDEA Keep pencils and art supplies in check with this sharp project.

HOW TO Buy two caps for outdoor railings (one peaked and one flat) at your local hardware store. Build a five-sided box with 1×6s to fit the peaked cap. Attach a lazy Susan swivel to the flat cap and screw the swivel to the bottom of the box. Create bottoms for graters/holders by snugly placing wood scraps cut to fit the inside of the bottom of each. Screw graters onto the box.

3. TABLETOP TREASURE One person’s rickety table is another’s space-saving workstation.

HOW TO A broken-down table is best for this project. Cut the table in half, or to the desired depth, then saw off the legs. Screw a 1×4 onto the wall at the height you want the table to be. Set the table on the ledge of the 1×4 and, using L-shaped brackets, attach the table to the 1×4.

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