My thoughts on thankfulness

Hello, on this day before Thanksgiving. What a cool holiday. A day off work to spend with family and count your blessings. And we really don't do that enough, wouldn't you agree? At least in my own world, it is easy sometimes to look at what we DON'T have instead of what we do. And tomorrow, we have time to take a breather to realize how blessed we are.
In this down economy, things are tight. Life might look different from what it looked like last year. Our 401K might have less, we might be out of work, or our budget might be tight. And that might tempt us to not feel thankful.
And I am going to say, don't let it.
We are blessed. I can think of one huge reason off the bat- we are ALIVE. We have lived another day to see our husbands, kids, parents, or friends. We have awaken from sleep, breathed in and out, and taken a hot shower. We live in America, have tremendous wealth in relation to the rest of the world, and live in mansions compared to the world's standards. We have opportunities more than we have ever dreamed, are advancing past prejudice in some areas, and are not limited in what we do because of our gender. And that is just for starters! I could go and on, but I don't want to sound like too much of a sap. :)
But the thing is, we are blessed beyond words. Today, tomorrow, and this week...I remember
I. am. so. thankful.

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