Come Together Cards Chi-Omega Dallas Booth

I think I am finally recovered from 3 full days of standing, talking and snacking! (The sale had a lot of food booths- and I am a sucker for samples!)

Here is my sidekick and reliable worker- my mom. She is a sweet person to give up her time to help me so much- and she was a HUGE help! Do you like our matching Come Together Cards shirts? I love them.

The booth measured 10x10, so it was hard to get a picture of the whole thing, but here are pieces!
This was the Christmas card display along the back.

The right side, with a product board, invitations, and notecards.

The corner with Christmas trees.

A distance shot...

This picture is either me showing off my Christmas cards, or me singing "I am a little teapot". I will let you decide.

It was so fun to meet so many new people! Thanks for a great event!


Anonymous said...

I had no doubt you would make it look spectacular! I am oh-so-proud of you! love you, friend!

Lori said...

That black background looks real sharp and elegant. Beautiful display!