Good news on Hump Day

Well, as I am getting well now and entering back into the swing of life, I was given some great news today. It seems Obi, a citizen of Sierra Leon, has found out who I am and wants to give me some of the $4 million fortune that he is going to inherit. He is coming over to the US and just needs me to help him transfer the money to an account over here. This is so exciting b/c I have always wanted to be a millionaire, and I will be able to quit my day job and just focus on making cute cards for people, getting my nails done, and getting massages. I also plan to have a full-time grape assistant-- a person to fan me and hand feed me grapes. I mean, I will have $4 million, right? The least I can do is have my own grape-feeder.
Thanks, Obi. I don't know what I have done to deserve this, but I am so glad you found me. I would love to transfer your money and we will be best friends forever.

Seriously...who actually falls for these forwarded emails?!!


Shawna said...

So funny. I wonder who actually falls for these. Speaking of...Mama 2 got one the other day and actually believed it and called my dad to ask what he thought. ha.

Oh - We are selling our guest bed on craigslist and we received a total scam artist reply this week to get our address and full name so that he could "send a certified check" overnighted. Really weird. Scary.

KerrisKorner said...

I've gotten that Craig's list scam before as well...I think people really trust others TOO much sometimes and fall for it. I wrote them back a rude email and told them that I wasn't stupid and that i was offended that they would even try that on me. I never heard back!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

That is horrible!! I am not sure what to think about Craig's list. I saw that it is a huge trafficing site for illegal activities as well. Hmm.
Poor Mama 2!! I am glad she asked your dad about it.