New design

I made an invitation based off this new Valentine card.

I think it turned out cute, although, at the end, I was seeing X's and O's!!

Has anyone noticed the counter at the bottom of the page? The Come Together blog launched almost exactly a month ago, on January 3, and its already had almost 1000 visitors!! Who-hoo!! If you are in the 990-1000 visitor, I would love to see a comment from you and learn where you are from! I have noticed visitors from all over the US, England, Chile, Sweden, Canada, and other far away countries!! CRAZY!! How are you finding little old me in Texas?!? Whether you are a Texan, American, or Worldian, I am glad you are here!!


andrea said...

cutie invitation!

FordeFam said...

Way cute!!! Also, I just read your little tid bit about the "X" representing the kiss and why!!! I have to day that I'm glad that everyone doesn't have to kiss the car salesman too...since that is what my hubby is doing until we get our student loans paid off and he can get back into seminary!!! ;) Hahaha! I think I would want to be at work with him and do the kissing for the customers! ;) J/K Anyway, love your stuff!!! I think one of my favorites are your mommy business cards! :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Thanks!! Yeah, that would be especially bad!! :)