Custom Scrapbooking

Here is a custom scrapbooking page I did for a new baby girl, Preslie. Her mom and dad have three BOYISH boys and after a trying year with medical concerns, they were blessed to have a baby girl!! She told me how blessed they feel and I could tell that their sweet girl was going be be very loved. I did several pages for her, but this is my favorite. Mainly because of the picture from the delivery room. She was only minutes old, and they put on a BIG BOW!! Adorable!


KerrisKorner said...

LOVE IT!! That bow head picture is too cute! Yeah for having a baby girl...they are WAY FUN!! She's never gonna get a date with all of those big brothers!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Thanks!! Yeah, tell me about it. One of them even rides motorcross, so I am sure he will run over whoever breaks the heart of his baby sister!!
I love the pic with the bow, too. Note to self if I ever have a girl!!

Anonymous said...