I am redoing my office

Its actually quite a fun project, although the house is a mess. My office has always been in the front of the house, but because I have a need to leave things out and work on them, I am moving it to the back so I can make a mess and no one will see it. Now I am in the extra bedroom that just collected junk anyway.
One of the things I am most excited about is decorating it. I can make it fun and girly and mine!! So, I already bought a girly chandelier, (love it!!)and next I am to the curtains.

I am taking the curtains very seriously. I guess b/c I feel like I can do whatever I want in this room, and it doesn't really have to go with the flow of the rest of the house. Here is my inspiration for the curtains- its actually a little girl's dress. (BTW- if you have never seen this adorable brand, it is sold at high end boutiques and called My Vintage Baby. If only I had a girl, then I wouldn't have to make curtains to look like a dress!!)

My problem is that this was made from vintage chenille- see the curly q's? I had to do a LOT of research on ebay, but I finally figured out that comes from a bedspread that sells for $150 on ebay. Ugh. I want cute curtains- but I don't want to start with a piece that I am going to cut up that costs that much!!
So, anyone have any recommendations? Anyone know of a "peacock chenille blanket" that isn't that much??!! I just want the curly q's, and am not sure how to make that happen.
Oh yeah, and does anyone sew? ha, just kidding! I am really great with glue!!

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KerrisKorner said...

Hey girl...we need to go look at Cutting Corners and The Fabric Yard off of Midway...they have TONS of fun stuff like that. Also, I am more than happy to help you sew...it will be super easy and I will even sit beside you and let you do it yourself if you want! You can totally do this!