The truth of marriage

Last night, my husband and I went to eat with a group of 3 other couples. In the midst of the conversation, one of the husband's was lamenting that his honeymoon was misleading. He talked about how on his honeymoon, his wife surprised him each night by coming out of the bathroom in a different outfit. He said now she sleeps in an oversized nightshirt that says, "Its bedtime somewhere" and has flags from different countries around the world.

I could not stop laughing.

So, the moment of truth. To the right is an anonymous new poll that I encourage you to answer truthfully. Let's get to the bottom of what women sleep in. If you are a man, and are married, then feel free to answer for your wife. Are you wearing floor-length flannels, your birthday suit, or somewhere in between?


KerrisKorner said...

The issue that I have with lingerie is that it is so expensive and it's just going to get ripped, torn, and eaten off within seconds of putting it on(just kidding about that eating thing...but had to make my point!). I think it's great to find stuff to sleep in sometimes that makes you feel sexy and keeps the hubby intrigued but there's got to be a balance somewhere!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

I am totally loving this poll. It is so interesting and something that you never ask people. Probably for good reason. It might be kinda awkward to go to dinner with a couple and say, "So, we have been wondering...what do you sleep in?"

Elaine said...

Hey Courtney - so through some blog stalking off of Simri's page I was like I know her. This is Elaine from the School of Social Work. How are you? From the blog world it seems you are doing great - I love the business, your little one is adorable and I am so happy for you and Joel. I do blog as well ... www.starkeystyle.blogspot.com

Shawna said...

Where did you find that picture?! Hysterical.