Princess Birthday Party: Best of the Web

Oh, the wonderful potential of a princess party! So many beautiful ideas to make your pretty little princess feel special on her big day. Some may shy away from a princess party because some looks have been done over and over, but there are still some very original and creative ideas to celebrate a little princess.

 For instance...take a look at this sweet green and pink princess party!

I love that this favor is a horse carriage made of pink chocolate!!

Wow. That is one seriously cool party. Find out details here!

Party details here

The princess party theme can be somewhat along the same lines is a Diva party. You can mix and match some of these ideas and use your favorites. (There are several ideas that cross over, so be sure and check out next week's diva theme! There is a animal print princess party you won't want to miss!)

But as you have seen so far, we all know PINK is a staple at a princess party, right? Sorta like in Steel Magnolias when Shelby’s colors are “blush and bashful”. Pink is a princess color- don’t stop until it looks like it got hosed down in Pepto Bismol.

Have you seen Steel Magnolias? If you are a girl, its a must see.

This beautiful cake is for a Neapolitan party, but it also would be perfect for a princess party. I want to call this cake dainty, even though its enormous, but its also so graceful and ladylike. Did I just call a piece of cake graceful and ladylike? Yes, yes, I think I did. It looks like a cake I would like to friends with.

These cookies are from the same party, but I think we would be more like acquaintances. They look nice enough- actually, they are beautiful-  but I have already pledged my friendship to the Dainty Ladylike Pink Cake.

Here are some adorable ideas for other Princess sweets at the Party for Her Highness!

princess sweets 1
princess sweets 2

And of course, every princess needs her castle!

pinkcakebox.com  (obviously)

And her crown!!

Sigh. Such pretty pink details appeal to the little girl in me. The one that dresses my cat up every night in a princess ball gown. Okay, not really. I am not even sure where that came from. I don't even have a cat!
Hopefully these princess party ideas will help your little princess have a magical birthday. How will you celebrate your little princess?

As for me, I think I am going to grab a box of pink tissue and rent Steel Magnolias.

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