Decorating with Books

 I am a reader. So much so that when I have a big project going on, I will not myself start a book because I get so obsessed that I won’t put it down until I am finished! I think that started because when I read the Twilight series I was out of commission for a full week. Out of commission. Nothing got done, and Edward and Bella were part of my household for daaaaaaays.

 So when I saw these decorations using books, I thought it was a very creative use for something I am already fond of!

I love these Penguin Classics. They are classic stories like Pride and Prejudice and Alice in Wonderland but recovered with beautiful fabric. I started my collection last year for my birthday and have already gotten several. (Um, I mean, I have bought several for myself. Happy Birthday to me.)
They make me happy. They are colorful and fun on a bookshelf!

Or, you could take your book and make a clock...

Here are some unique takes on paper...
Notebook Paper t-shirt via CMYBacon

I love this cute dish towel but I cannot seem to find where I orginally found it? Anybody know?

.Oh well, its really cute and you can write on it. Love that!

I am not sure where I could use this in my house, but I am taken with the time and SKILL it must have taken for someone to make a legible word from folding book pages. Wow.

This adorable book page wreath has its own tutorial here. The title to her post cracks me up...
Librarians, please avert your eyes!

I also really appreciate this honest photo...

This blogger is my kind of girl!!

And its not just decor!! Check out these ideas..

Really? Book page SHOES!?!
Its true. Go here to find out how she made them with Modge Podge.

Cute necklace tutorial here, and easier than you would think!

I am pretty sure if I wore this I would automatically be smarter. Um, right? Reading through osmosis?

Do you have an issue with tearing books to use for crafts?
Some people find it difficult to tear a book page. Do you?

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