Stores to Shop:Andersons

If my house looked like this I might never leave home....

Probably the only way this is gonna happen is if I pitch a tent in my new favorite store, Andersons!

This wonderful store is full of eye candy. They have several locations around Dallas, and it pretty much all to die for. If you are not in Dallas, you can check them out online, too.

I was lucky enough to borrow a lamp from here to use for my TV appearances. The lamp was super cool with a price tag to match and I was so nervous to lug it around! Thankfully, I made it back with it all in one piece.

I am not receiving anything for blogging about my favorite stores- I just want to share the places I love with you!

Have you been to Anderson's? What did you want/buy?

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Joanne said...

Is this where you got your W? You should post a pic of that. It is so cute! Can't wait to go shopping :)