Dad digs sweets.

For the hard-to-buy-for-dad (and whose isn't? Seriously!? Sheesh!) these iced sugar cookies are too cute to eat! They are from Eleni's in NY, and they come in such a cute square brown box.

This first one is my very favorite. Can you get over the shirts and ties?

I love the detail in the tool box-- wood glue and measuring tape! Cuteness!

My son would like this one-- just because it has a baseball. He would probably rather carry the ball around than eat it.

My friends sent me these once when I was on a diet, and I said I was gonna freeze them until I was not dieting so I could enjoy them later. They commented when they got out of the freezer that they might be cold and have all frowny faces. I am probably not doing the joke justice, but it was really funny. :)

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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