Weekend Road Trip: Kiawah Island

Some of my best friends are girls I see less than once a year. My college roommates. We are all in the same place in life- busy, busy, busy with kids, husbands, jobs, churches, ministries, and more babies!We try to see each other at least every year, and it doesn't always happen. But when it does, it is a joy.

This month was time for our trip and we were fortunate enough to go to Kiawah Island, right outside Charleston, SC.  And in the fashion of God's sense of humor, the weekend of the trip-that we had scheduled months in advance-- turned out to be the time of the move into my new house.
Ahhhhhhh. Crazy times. I planned everything I could before I left, made lists and emails and phone calls, then relied on my husband to carry it out. Then kept up with the move via cell phone! A little. In between meals, crying and talking- which is all we do when we get together!

The beach

I started chasing the seagulls. There were hundreds!

Brunch at Poogan's Porch, inside an old, historical home


More eating.. :)

The five girls

Saying hello to my son back home via photo...
(he likes it when I send him photos of what I am doing)

Stopping at a street vendor for a Mexican Coke with real sugar

It made me laugh to look up from my beach chair
and see Stephanie and Shannon both reading the same book- Heaven is For Real!
(Its a sweet book, by the way)

Flying on September 11. That was a little creepy!
  Kiawah is beautiful and I am so thankful that our host's opened their home to us to spend some much needed time with best friends. There is something so therapeutic about being with women that know you well and care about your heart. It is rare to find even one of those friends in life-- so to know several is an undeserved blessing. I only wish I could see them more!

Do you have a dear friend in your life? Why don't you shoot her an email- or better yet- call her and tell her you love her today! It will encourage YOU to encourage her!


Stephanie said...

did not know you took that picture of shannon and me. too funny! i love the blog update...trying to get motivated to update mine! can't wait to hear more about the house!

Kimber-Leigh said...

i LOVE this! it was such a special time...and i miss you four so much. talking, laughing, crying, and eating...that's how i explain our trips too!

Rizwan Ali said...

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wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas :D
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