Roadtrip: Destination Austin

Happy September 1st! YAY that fall is almost-somewhat-gonna be here!

We just took a little road trip to a part of Texas that we love- the Hill Country- and Austin in Particular. Every time I go to Austin, I love to eat at the old standbys, and this time I got to try some new places!

We went to SoCo- South Congress street, which is a really cute part of Austin. Cool shops and very funky vibe.
Cute Candy Store on South Congress...

They had Gummy Brains and hearts!! These suckers were huge, too!

And yes- chocolate covered bacon. I wasn't brave enough to try one. Blech.

We stopped for cupcakes at the adorable Hello Cupcake airstream trailer. Austin has a ton of these areas- you can just stop by the side of the road at several trailers all together and have a 5 course meal.

And at some point, my sister in law, Vanessa, our friend Angie, and I put on blue wigs.

Home Slice Pizza- delicious, Chicago style pizza. The pizza was delicious and REALLY HUGE. The kids loved it and the adults did too!

We were in the area b/c my husband is a musician and was playing at a camp there. We rode around on the golf cart "limo" all week, and I have to say,

I jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel. There is a raw power only the driver can know when driving a golf cart. Such style. My husband has an identical twin brother and that is his son and mine driving with us. The cousins sure love to play together and loved riding around the camp!

 I liked this tile at Maude's Tex Mex :)
A  waitress walked in while I was taking a photo (in the bathroom!) and I felt stupid. Then I felt REALLY dumb when she was OUR waitress!

We stopped for sugar cookies, of course....

And went swimming in a natural "swimming hole"!
It was my first time to go swimming in a bondafide "swimming hole". I was a little nervous b/c I am not really much of a lake person- slimy creatures swimming around my legs freak me out. It give me peace of mind to SEE the bottom of the water I am in. But I thought this would be a fun activity for the family- and boy was it! The pool was amazing- surrounded by large cliffs dripping with waterfalls. And since the pool was natural spring water, it was cool and refreshing- perfect for blaring hot July afternoon. This was something I am really glad I tried!

When I got freaked out about animals, I figured that all the people around scared the creepy animals away from where we were swimming. But I did see 2 snakes while we hiked on our way out. Better than on the way in! I might not have been swimming so freely….


Kimber-Leigh said...

looks like y'all had fun! i have fond memories of our trips to austin together!!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Me too! :)