Diva Birthday Party: Best of the Web

The Diva Birthday Party has lots of variations. It could be a princess party, a zebra party, a pink party, a spa party, a makeover party…and we haven’t even scratched the surface of ideas! Basically, a diva incorporates all kinds of theme, so there are many directions you can take and make your own. We will look at a couple of ideas in this post- there are so many cute ones that we can't feature them all!

Lets start the inspiration with the Diva/Princess party of them all.

They are calling it a princess party, but because of the animal print I think it fits with what more people would call a Diva party. But then again, what do I know? I am just a girl writing this post, so we will go with my ideas.

Wow-wow-wow! That is pretty much an all out party! So beautiful! It was hard to narrow down the photos because all the details are so amazing, so be sure to check out more here! The party giver has a site too, so visit the mom here.
I am guessing a lot of those details are out of the realm of folks like you and me, but that doesn't mean we have to settle for hum-drum diva party!
There are adorable snacks and divalicious snacks to be consumed...

Pin the tail on the diva, I mean, Zebra

Zebra Favors....

And Zebra Diva Cookies!

If you have seen enough animal print to make you vomit, well, then, I have done my job. Um, I guess? Maybe its just that I have seen enough animal print that I can see it when I close my eyes. Either that or the zebra print tattoo I have on the back of my eyelids.

And speaking of eyelids (What a segue!), here is a great inspiration board for a Diva Sleepover.

 Diva Sleepover

What idea can you use for your little Diva/Princess?

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