Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Chic Birthday Party

Being from Texas, I have a special place in my heart for all things western. There are so many cute looks past the boring old roper. A western party has so much potential and can be great for a cowboy OR chic cowgirl! So, in making this post, I had a little trouble stopping finding great ideas.

The Party Dress posted this inspiration board which I thought had some great inexpensive details. I love the popcorn cones made out of bandanna paper and folded over to serve popcorn. These are placed in a utensil caddy on a bale of hay and just look adorable.

I also thought it was a great idea to get a bunch of stick horses and put them together. This is great decor and also can be used to do a fun party game, like a stick horse race!

Finally, take a gander at those flower centerpieces. Those look like soup cans to me! Just peel the label off and stick some wildflowers in, and what an inexpensive centerpiece.

Cowboy party game:
This mom came up with some very creative cowboy birthday party games. 

The first game is Lasso a Cactus. In her words,
To make the lasso for the game, I wrapped a hula hoop with rope. It was a bit heavy, so definitely a game for the 4+ crowd. To make it look like a lasso, I left an extra few feet of rope so the kids could swing the hoop around. Each child tried to "lasso a cactus" by tossing the hoop over a large 6 foot inflatable cactus (Oriental Trading).

Next Cowboy game option: There's a Snake in My Boot.

Can you say that without saying it in Sherrif Woody's voice? I can't. I have a Toy Story Fan at home.

Using an adult-sized cowboy boot (we used pink ones because they were on sale for $5 at Target) and vinyl somewhat realistic looking mini-snakes (Oriental Trading), the kids stood on a large rock and tried to drop the snakes into the boot one by one.

Finally, Pin the Badge on Sheriff "Birthday Boy"

I printed a poster-size picture of Smarty Pants (Birthday boy) in his Gymboree cowboy outfit and pasted it on a foam board. We covered the kids' eyes with a bandanna, spun them around and they tried to stick a foam star badge in the correct place.

As the guests arrived, they received a cowboy hat, bandana, moustaches, badges and other fun cowboy gear. For our backdrop, we rented 3 bales of straw from a local feed store. The park already had a rustic fence and tons of oak trees, so we didn't have to do much to make it look like the Old West.

Very CUTE photo op and great ideas. For more details, visit her blog.

Here is an invitation I designed for a Western Themed party. As always, it can be personalized and customized with colors and details.  Tomorrow I will include a sassy pink Cowgirl Birthday party invitation.

Okay, so today we hit cute decor, games, photos and invitations. I have a lot to show you for great food ideas, so check back with me for some sassy cowgirl decor and some yummy ranch food!

Cowboy and Cowgirl Birthday...To be continued...Ya hear?!

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