1950's Murder Mystery Party

This party theme hit it out of the park. Not only was it a 1950's era party, but it was ALSO a murder mystery party AND and engagement party!
And from the photos, it obvious it was a ball.
I think 1950's parties are also really fun for kids! Adults are not the only ones that like to wear poodle skirts!

This bride-to-be had some great ideas to make this theme stand out-- even on  a budget!

Here are her ideas to decorate for a 1950's party:

The decorations were provided by myself and a few family members. I collected items from antique stores, flea markets and Ebay but the majority of items I made myself (usually from Dollar Tree items). I also borrowed a few items, like a yellow rotary phone, glass soda bottles, cookie jars and dollies.

I created the placemats out of old records and personalized them with 4in circle stickers created on my ink-jet printer. The goodie bags were white lunch bags that I ran through my printer and personalized with our logo. The dessert stands were records that were crazy-glued to $1 candle sticks from Dollar Tree. They were perfect for holding the petit fours.

The “Congrats” bunting was a project inspired by MyCreativeDeparture. The cardboard hearts that I found were sticky-backed so I printed my letters on a printer, stuck them to the cardboard and cut around them before added the crepe paper. Prizes for Best Costume, Best Performer and Wealthiest Player were created by framing records that were spray painted to mimic the gold albums of recording artists.

 1950′s fabric featuring Elvis, I love Lucy, Betty Crocker and other retro scenes were cut into table runners. All of the flowers were created from coffee filters and sprayed with food coloring to match the table runners. I used a variation of this technique.

Pictures of Bob Hope, Lawrence Welk and other period characters were framed and placed around the house. The restroom was re-named a “Fall Out Shelter” and a personalized “Drive-In” sign was created from foam board and placed beside a flat screen TV that played commercials from the 1950′s. More photos and details via hostess blog.

This is an invitation created for a 1950's party from Come Together Cards


Diamond Engagement Ring said...

Certainly one of the coolest engagement party themes I've seen. The outfits are awesome, the setup is classic... simply brilliant!

joel said...

great job dot! what a cool party!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

I agree- just adorable!