Road Trip and Renegade Craft Summary

We went on a road trip this weekend and I wanted to share some photos with you!

I heard about Renegade Craft Fair last year and didn't have a chance to make it to Austin from Dallas. So, this year, I put it on my calendar and didn't want to miss it! Its a bunch of indie designers who make handmade goods- like a craft fair for Etsy shops!

We stopped by my FAVORITE small town, Gruene, Texas, on the way..
and made a couple of trips to the fantastic San Marcos outlets. Nice.

Once we got to the fair, there were all kinds of creative and fun things! I loved this plush food with cute faces. They even had a fortune cookie in a little Chinese take out box. So adorable.  I mean, you can't look at cute food with eyeballs and not feel a little happier.

I loved these knitted dolls that are fashioned after celebrities. Do you recognize anyone?

 Here is a mishmash of what you might have seen if you walked the aisles at Renegade...

Is it weird that my other favorite thing is also a food related knitting item?

These are cheeseburger mittens. How funny is that?! I am not sure that I am the person that can pull this look off, but I sure did think they were fun!
Here is the designer in a Pizza Scarf. That just cracks me up! Her site is FULL of crazy, unique things!

Thanks for coming on our trip! Hope you were able to shop vicariously through these photos...

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