Cute Boy's Room Ideas

You might notice I will start talking more about decorating. I always love decor, but now I have it on my mind! Moving houses will do that to ya.

I am dreaming, designing, packing and selling as we are pounding the pavement looking for a new home.

My son still has his decor from when he was a baby, only upgraded to be more big boy. We did a very sweet vintage cowboy pattern in his crib, and so now its a mishmash left over from his baby days. Its cute, but we are probably due for something a little fresh.

My son's room right now...

Now he is at an age--4-- where he has an opinion, and I wanted to get it before I started going down a road that he may not like.
Here is how the conversation went...
In our new house, what do you want in your room? Blue.
Okay, you want it blue? What else? Red, orange, white, black, green and purple. All of the colors.
Okay. Hm. Let's go back to blue. That would be cool? Yes. Blue is my favorite color.
What do you want in your room? Spiderman.
Let's see. How about we choose from a list. Would you like: Cowboys, Space aliens, Guitars, The Beach, or Cars? All of them!! I want cowboys, aliens, guitars and the ocean, and cars. And blue.

That's what I get for asking a four year old his opinion. A little muddled, but I think I have the idea.
Finally, he said he liked guitars.

So I am on an Etsy hunt for some cool guitar related ideas for his room. I found a lot of cute options....

Which do you like?

Guitar dishtowel

So cute. But its a dishtowel. I could frame a dishtowel, I guess!

Guitar Dog

I love how he has Elvis hair.

Robot Guitar

This is so adorable I am not sure where to begin.

Keep Calm

Cute take on "Keep Calm and Carry on"

G is for Guitar

Sweet but still cool.

Super cute, huh? Now I just need to narrow down what look I am going for. This is the fun part of moving!!

All images from Etsy.com

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