Fundraising Design for a Private School

I had the pleasure of working on some designs for an auction fundraiser for a private school . It was a blast to be able to work on several pieces with the same theme throughout.
The only specifications given were that the colors were black, white and orange with a little green. Other than that, I was able to do whatever I wanted- which is ALWAYS fun!
I thought chandeliers would be a really cute way to showcase the black and white with font accents of orange and green. I think that color combination is really funky and fun!

This is the invitation for the Fundraising Dinner....

This is the program front....
The matching stickers for the information packet (top) and reply card (bottom)...

They wanted to offer a t-shirt to sell at the event, so this is the design options I gave them. Which would you choose?

Next week on the blog: All things British!

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