British Week featuring Mr. Union Jack

Has anyone heard of a wedding taking place soon? I keep hearing of something--I am just not sure what is going on?
Okay, that's a laugh. If you can read you are probably already sick of the Royal Wedding. Not that its not fantastic to get married- but the hubbub surrounding is it QUITE a bit.

Still, there are such fun things to celebrate from across the pond, so in this week leading up to the Wedding, I thought I would share some with you!
I LOVE these pillows! I totally cannot remember where I saw them so I am frantically searching for the link. I have had them saved on my computer so long because I found them, love them, then forgot about them! whoops.

So cute- Union Jack Door Mat.
 Cool Tee.
Union Jack Pizza

Okay, so this is actually from a chef that made pizza from all the countries of the world she visited on her vacation. How cool is that?! I have a love for the Union Jack, so of course, this was my favorite.

The next post is a collection of all things Royal Wedding-- the CUTE and the ODD.
 People go crazy about this stuff, huh?

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