I don't look a day over 31...

My box was not nearly this cool.

I am just SURE of it! But, alas, today I am 32.

In celebration of all the fun I am having, let me share some random tidbits with you from my years of life, my blog friend.

Looking back, this is weird

As a kid, I loved making "clubhouses", which is a dressed up name for a box. I would decorate a box with magazine cutouts, drawings and flowers, then  spend all my time in there reading and playing. I think my parents got a little bit worried about me when I started sleeping in the box. (Flashback to comments about being homeless if I don't start getting out of the box). So, my clubhouse days were over but then I found the closet under the stairs and channeled my inner-homeless-woman in there.

I wrote a love letter to a celebrity

You carried a watermelon!?

After watching Dirty Dancing and not putting Baby in a corner, I was in pre-teen LUV with Patrick Swayze. I wrote him a fan letter and then put lipstick on and kissed it. My brother made fun of me, of course, but I was really happy when I got a letter from Patty in return. Until my brother told me the signature was fake and some kid in the fan club probably wrote it. Aren't brothers mean?! :) That ruined celebrity crushes for me so when everyone was wearing their oversized NKOTB pin, I was thinking "meh".

Why did my parents think this was a good idea?
I was made to dress up like a magic skunk for Halloween.
Its too painful to discuss.

Birthday cake of choice
My very favorite cake to eat is Strawberry Cake from celebrity bakery in Dallas.

Thanks for joining me to celebrate!


Stephanie said...

happy birthday dot! hope you have a great day! you look beautiful in that red dress! looks like you had fun on your birthday weekend. we just celebrated our anniversary weekend, and it is always so much fun to celebrate for days!

ps - my first memory of you was standing in my dorm room the night of the gunpoint incident telling us your story...something i will never forget either. :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

what fun!!! i hope that it was a very special day for you sweet friend!

are those two guys i don't recognize in the last picture your nephews?!?!?! when on earth did they grow up? i'm guessing they don't play with pokemon cards anymore ;)