Black Friday = Christmas Season!

I get sooo inspired by Christmas decor. There are so many beautiful, creative ideas that people think up and make the house so special!

I will be sharing some of my favorites every Friday until Christmas!

Santa Display

If you have a collection of holiday decorations, try displaying similar objects together, like the Santa toys shown here. The wreath was made by hot-gluing a quirky selection of decorations to a base
Unique Advent Calendar
Here, an Advent calendar made from flash cards, paper clips, and ribbons is strung in a sunny window. Homespun ornaments dangle from the cards, serving as a daily treat during the countdown to Christmas Day

Festive Shelves

Measure shelves and mark the length on a 3 1/2" W to 4 1/2" W piece of heavyweight cream-colored paper. Turn a dessert plate or saucer upside down onto the edge of the paper and trace it halfway around. With a ruler, draw a triangle next to the circle. Alternate the saucer and triangle patterns across length of paper, leaving a 1/2" W margin at the top so your two shapes connect. Cut out patterns, then attach to shelf edges with double-sided tape

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