Bad school photos-- Back to School edition

I read on twitter someone (actually  Louie Giglio) saying something to the effect of, "When did the first of August become the end of summer"? And ain't it the truth!? It sends my head spinning that everyone is back to school shopping and starting school in a couple of weeks.
The funny thing about living in Texas (funny weird, not funny ha-ha) is back to school shopping. We all shop in the stores that the rest of the country shops in, but "back to school" DOES not mean fall in Texas. September is still really hot here.  So, it ends up that we would all wear sweaters and long pants in the blazing heat! It never really made sense.
I am not sure if the Back to School outfit is still such a big deal? Those of you with school age kids would know. Because back in the day, the FIRST day of school outfit was VERY important. I still remember some of my favorites- especially the one where my shoes matched my lunch sack. I don't think that was on purpose though. I just was wearing the all popular brightly colored Keds . I would show you but...um..I think that picture got lost somewhere...
I do have some horrible back to school professional pictures though...

Let's start with 7th grade, since its was most people's worst year of life...

WHO thought this laser background was a good idea?!? Where do I go- Star Wars High School? So strange. And those neon colors! Isn't the background a little distracting? How does it highlight the person, which is the whole point of a professional photo, right? A more subtle one might be nice.

This was is hilarious. That's 8th grade I think, if you cannot tell from my BIG permed hair and HUGE earrings that match my COOL bright denim jacket. I was really bringing it for this school picture. Don't be jealous that my hair really looks like a cocker spaniels.

Finally. Ninth grade brings a simple background and some straightened hair. But, if you thought I wasn't gonna pull out my big earrings, you were wrong. The earrings must be as long as your neck, them's the rules.

And....back to the laser look for the backdrop.
Its so nice how life goes full circle.
At least I got to wear my keds.

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nashthinks said...

I can actually agree with you on mostly everything. I am still in High School (sadly, I'm DYING to get to college), and I hate having to take photos. I can almost guarantee that every photo I have taken has come out horrible. Either I look totally tired with drooped eyes, or I have a face full of unpleasent enlarged pores.

You actually pretty good for all of your years, and I'm loving the huge earings, seriously. They totally make the outfit, so good choice.

Thanks, Nash.