Personalize a Special Occasion!

Personalize a Special Occasion!

Have you ever wanted to shower someone special with the perfect celebration but just could not put your thoughts around the perfect theme. Well, hopefully this post will inspire you to personalize your special occasion. Using the guest of honor's name or monogram initials adds such an elegant touch to any celebration: wedding shower, baby shower, birthday celebration, anniversary party, retirement party- ANY celebration!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through some great party inspirations.

A baby shower shines with blue, brown and the baby's name in silver.
Melissa Jill made this baby shower a must see at :

Cakecentral.com has a gorgeous cakes for any occasion.

Create a special welcome for your guests. Displaying the guest of honor's initial on the front door or above the serving table is a an easy way to add color and personalize the celebration.

Gumdrop cookies has fabulous cookies that can be served at the party or wrapped as a parting gift. http://www.gumdropcookieshop.com/

I adore this monogrammed outfit from Amy Bailey4 at Etsy's. She is so talented and has classic timeless pieces.

P is for Party hosted a party for her son using his three initials and his age number. Choosing the color scheme of blue, green and white, she made this party pop! Having her son dressed in a matching tie shirt added a special touch to all of the party pictures. Pay attention to the little details!!! Check out her wonderful site at: http://pisforparty.blogspot.com/

She ordered plates from La Plates with Bennett's three blocked initials in
matching blue and green. http://www.laplates.com/

If you don't want to order a special plate for each guest, simply print a sticker that matches your theme and adhere it to the center of each plate. WALLA!

Just a few other ways to make your celebration more personal...

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