July Gift Ideas: America Inspired!

In honor of upcoming Fourth of July, all the gift ideas for this month have something to do with a FLAG or America! Enjoy!

Isn't this cute? It can be customized with whatever word or name you want!

I love this! I have a thing for the Union Jack. I think my son would be precious is this. And love what the shop says for the description, "This is not the Queen's version. This is the British rock star's version." Funny!

Perfect for your Fourth of July decor, these mini pinwheels decorated with plenty of vintage looking stars and stripes will make quite a statement at your Independence Day Celebration!


I thought this was really pretty too...in a rugged sort of way!

And this is just as CUTE as can be! I love it!

This cute mini flag banner stamp will add a bit of whimsy to your mail. Perfect for adding a bit of fun to your invitations.
Coast Guard Pillow from wisteria.com

I LOVE these products from catstudio. They have every state and other big cities!
Of course, my favorite are the Texas ones....

They have pillows, aprons, trays and more. And how cute are these glasses?!?

I am also excited to show you a sneak peek of a line of children's photo party
 invitations I am developing for Etsy.
This one is perfect for a western party and can be included with or without a photo. There will be all kinds of party themes to choose from...I am just showing you this one because it kinda goes with our theme...and because I am excited about these!! :)

Happy shopping, everyone!

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