Road trip to my favorite store- final trip!

Welcome back to Cloverleaf.
Last time we explored the outdoors of my favorite place, and today is the best part-- the inside!
The creativity the owner, Heidi, uses in her display, and the selections of fabulous products make this a great stop on a roap trip and a wonderful place to be inspired!

My husband and I cannot resist the funky glasses! He chooses 70’s bug-eye vibe, I
opt for girly bling.

Frames, pillows, jewelry…so much to look at!

This rack is full of amazing options for your next craft or home display.
I covet this glitter!

The display of crowns is begging me to try one on and crown myself the “cute card queen”!!

There are buckets of tiles, squares and letters. I was happy to find I could spell one of my favorites names!

Thanks for joining me on this road trip! Next time I will crunch you in my suitcase and take you to see it all in person!

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