My favorite store--Why even the parking lot is cool.

Road trip to my favorite store- Day One

Although we live in Texas, the Oklahoma border is not too far away. We have dear friends in Norman so my husband an d I find any excuse to make the trek down 35 to see our neighbors.

During one road trip, we happened upon a gem of a store of the highway and it has turned out to be one or my favorite finds. Cloverleaf is a wonderland of a gift shop.

I was mesmerized from the moment I drove up to the store and saw the store surrounded by old bicycles, painted pink. There are dozens of them, all outlining the parking lot and outlining the store. And from the initial impression is just gets better. There is something dazzling to see everywhere you look.

The porch has old found items, while the inside gift area of the store is floor to ceiling with the trendiest finds! I love wonder around and take it all in. Cloverleaf has become one of my favorite stores!

I wish I could take you there in person, so travel with me as I show you some highlights!

And like I said, this is just the parking lot! There is still SO much to see. Come back soon and we can explore more...

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vanessa said...

OMG...LOVE IT! I am going. Seriously. I am going to go. Awesome!